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How Wedding came about in Berlin - 150 years of the incorporation of Wedding into Berlin-

Theatre project of the Leonardo da Vinci Gymnasium secondary school together with the
Mitte Museum

Performance on the occasion of the Tag des Offenen Denkmals (German Heritage Day)
Sunday, 11 Sep 2011, at 11 a.m.

In the middle of the 19th century, Berlin started to grow and expand rapidly. The Oranienburg and the Rosenthal suburbs had been incorporated as early as 1831. From the 1840s on, the incorporation of the communities of Wedding, Gesundbrunnen and Moabit as well as the Schöneberg and Tempelhof suburbs were discussed, especially since large areas of Wedding and Moabit had belonged to the city of Berlin for some time. The county of Niederbarnim was more than willing to give up Wedding and Moabit, as the people there were poor and the infrastructure substandard.
The county of Teltow, however, has no intention of surrendering the Schöneberg and Tempelhof suburbs, as the inhabitants are rather well-to-do and good tax-paying citizens. Berlin would like to incorporate the two southern suburbs, but is resistant to Wedding and Moabit, as it fears high investment costs.. Finally, the incorporation was carried out in 1861 by royal decree. This theatre performance portrays this complex political struggle.

The actors:
Fidicin:   city archivist and chronicler of Berlin history since 1848
Prinzregent:    William, regent for his diseased brother Frederick William IV, king William since 1861, emperor William I since 1871
von Hinckelday:   chief constable of the Berlin police, authorised to issue directives to the city, shot dead in a duel in 1856
Pohle:    city councillor, representative of the Senate, member of the municipal administration at that time
Veit:    representative of the city council assembly, which today is the chamber of city representatives
von Westphalen:    Prussian minister of the interior
von der Heydt:    Prussian minister of commerce

Market women, buyers from Berlin, the Wedding district and other suburbs, and a policeman
Location: the old Berlin Town Hall and a farmers' market in Berlin

Time:    between 1840 and 1860

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