Detail der Sandsteinskulptur im Museumsgarten

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An allegory of "Home" - Sandstone sculpting


Under the direction of sculptor Rudolf Kaltenbach, the students from the 11th form of the Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium secondary school design and shape two sandstone blocks in the museum garden. The theme of their work is "home".

The art project comprises three phases:

The students answer these questions: "What is home to me? Where do I feel at home? Is the place where I feel at home really my home?" Students who have a migrant background address the topic and exchange their thoughts and experience. Based on his or her individual ideas, each student then develops a symbol, their allegory of home. First this design idea is made into a drawing. Then the students take their motifs completely to heart by painting them blind. Finally they sculpt their "allegory of home" in stone.

The project, which is part of their art classes, is the first experience with sculpting for most of the students. They come to learn the methodical approach, the creative and the emotional-haptic aspects of this form of artistic expression. Personal and social skills are learned at the same time: The students work in a team, and develop patience as well as strengthen self-confidence.

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