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Das Bild wurde gemalt von: Kai Peters, 2. Klasse, beim Besuch der Lesung "Die Feuersalamanderin" im Mitte MuseumWe regularly offer readings on timely subjects and in accordance with the current season.
In 2010 the well-known author of books for adolescents, Klaus Kordon, presented his latest work, and other writers have also utilized the beautiful setting of our museum.

„The female fire salamander"
The light fails. By candlelight the fire salamander tells the story of her ancestors, explaining how the animals that were colourless in the past derive colour thanks to the power of the fire.
During that time the children colour animals on a sheet as vibrantly as they imagine them to be.

Story-telling time
"The female fire salamander" and other tales from world literature, read by Michael Mohr.
Oh Christmas Tree …
Due to high demand, the Mitte Museum has brought back fairy tale readings in the winter season. We make ourselves comfortable in the museum studio, light a festive circle of candles and settle into a cosy and contemplative reading session.
Age: 6 to 10 years
Duration: approx. 2 hours

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