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Photographic staging - Everyday life in the district of Wedding 100 years ago

A photographic staging in room displays in the Mitte Museums


A guided tour of the Mitte Museum gives students insight into the everyday life, living conditions and working environment in the district of Wedding 100 years ago. A selection of biographies and photos provides an in-depth look at the life of working-class families in Wedding at that time. Students will have the opportunity to stage themselves in a variety of room displays in the museum. The staging options vary from school life, laundry day, a visit to a beer bar, and working in the kitchen to a visit to the cinema. For this staging our "prop room" offers appropriate clothing items to the pupils. The students then take photos of their scenes with an analogue camera. The black-and-white photos are then developed in the photo lab of the Jugendkunstschule (Youth Art School) Mitte and enlarged by the pupils themselves.
In this way, pupils get to take their very own black-and-white photo home at the end of the project.

Target group: Student groups from 8th form on
Dates: 3 x 3 hours (dates by appointment and upon consultation with the photographer of Jugendkunstschule Mitte)

These were the results of the cooperation between Jugendkunstschule Mitte (Youth Art School in Mitte) and the students of the 11th form of the Lessing-Gymnasium:

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