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Laundry day

Museum education workshop

Scrubbing, wringing, pressing - using a washboard and curd soap we will do laundry like women did 100 years ago. In a playful way, children and youths will become familiar with the daily grind of the mothers who at the time knew neither a washing machine nor a dryer. In lieu of these they knew tricks which have fallen into oblivion here, but are to this day used in many other countries. Even in this day and age washing machines are not found in all places; sometimes it is simply useful to know how to wash laundry by hand. The children are welcome to bring their own laundry, and we will utilize the washboard as a musical instrument: "Washing Day! Washing Day” The Mitte Museum has in its collection washing machines which are unrecognisable as such. The exhibition teaches much about "laundry day" in Berlin 100 years ago.

Age: from 8 years on
Duration: approx. 5 to 6 hours

Projekt "Waschen wie früher", 2010, Foto: Ron Gerlach Projekt "Waschen wie früher", 2010, Foto: Ron Gerlach

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