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Kids' Corner - Youths make themselves at home in the museum

Step into the room that Danya and Linda have furnished! The two girlfriends have much in common: last summer they passed secondary school final examinations at Herbert-Hoover-Realschule on Pankstrasse, they are 17 years old and born-and-bred girls from the district of Wedding. Additionally, both of their parents are Palestinians and many of their relatives live in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

They planned the furnishing of this room in Mitte Museum together. They needed to answer a lot of questions: What do I need? What do I like? Do I want to have Arabic or German furniture, old-fashioned or modern, cosy or stylish? The result is a small room with lots of things to be discovered. Visitors may touch everything, the sitting furniture invites you to have a seat, and the earphones are for listening to music. Come and find out what Fares Karam sounds like, how the beaches near Beirut look and how Danya created her job application dossier!

Kids' Corner! The mobile room is perpetually re-designed by youths from the district of Mitte. Starting with the Mitte Museum, it will be made available to other public institutions of the district for project work with students. Thus the Kids' Corner will little by little show the diversity of the life, experience and dreams of young people in Berlin Mitte.

29 November 2009 to 7 March 2010

In cooperation with: Kulturbewegt e.V., DRK-Jugendladen Neue Hochstrasse, Puma e.V. Sponsored by: Jugend- und Familienstiftung des Landes Berlin (Youth and Family Foundation of the State of Berlin)

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