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Cooking like our grandmothers did - The Museum cookbook

Projekt "Kochen wie früher", 2010, Foto: Ron Gerlach1st chapter: Berliner doughnuts
Berlin and the "Berliner doughnuts" - what would the city do without its doughnuts!
The first chapter of the museum cookbook is dedicated to the popular deep-fried pastry. But why is it round, and how does the jam get into it?
We'll be working together; we need yeast, milk, flour... when home-made, the doughnuts are the ultimate flavour experience, whether sprinkled with icing sugar, with a filling or just plain.
In the "bakery" of the Mitte Museum the young bakers learn what a military baker in the Prussian army might have to do with the "success story" of the Berliner doughnut and how it came about that the delicious bun is called a "Berliner" in other parts of Germany.

2nd chapter: Christmas cookies

I sure do like those Christmas cookies, sugar ...

Old recipe books offer many traditional treats, and based on this inspiration we want to create something new in the second chapter of our Museum cookbook.

The district of Mitte has as many colours and faces as it has flavours. Berlin cuisine in particular reflects the influences brought by a wide range of people to the city over the past few centuries.

This is why we will create our own "Mitte baking mix" with recipes the children know and love from their families. When registering a group, you can submit your list of ingredients.

We will pass the time until the delicacies are baked golden brown and have cooled down by reading winter tales and other stories related to the season.

3rd chapter: The long journey of potatoes to Berlin
The king and the potato - how the "wondrous tuber" came from the New World to Prussia and which ruse
Frederick II employed to make it palatable to his sceptical subjects.
Since when have there been potatoes in Berlin? In which foods do we find potatoes nowadays? And for what other purposes can they be used?
We investigate the secrets of the tuber, make prints using a stamp cut from a potato, and open the third chapter of the Museum recipe book.
Together we will prepare boiled potatoes in different variations.

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