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Berlin in a hat

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We offer a historical sightseeing and fact-finding tour for unaccompanied refugee youths, students from welcome classes and grown-up new Berlin inhabitants

The Berlin city model in the building of the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung (Senate Administration for Urban Development) gives us an initial orientation and shows how the outward appearance of Berlin has changed in the past 25 years and how it will change in the near future. We will examine the remains of the historical Berlin cityscape in selected stations of our route, with a focus on the medieval wall surrounding the city, the historic Nikolai quarter, and the Rotes Rathaus town hall. With small scenic presentations, musical accompaniment and pictorial material documenting the lives of former Berlin inhabitants, we present important chapters from Berlin’s history.

Headpieces, shawls and hats from different eras take us on our journey through time, serving as explanatory props. In our guided tour, youths are allowed to participate and be actively involved in the action.
We work with more than just our hands and feet: we also utilize easy-to-understand slides which bridge communication gaps, while simultaneously providing a mini language course. A translation domino effect will be initiated by those who understand English or German and then translate into other languages, which will then be further translated. Our tour ends with a real highlight: We will climb the Berlin Dom [Cathedral] and enjoy a panorama view of the city.

Dates: 2.5. and 9.5 2019 and by appointment
Duration: approx. 3,5 hours
Meeting point: Jannowitzbrücke
Contact: Michael Mohr, Tel. 030-4606019-12, Fax. 030-4606019-29

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