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Art meets history -

Subject: urban landscapes

Project week in cooperation with Jugendkunstschule (Youth Arts School) Mitte

With 12 project participants, who consisted of pupils from different schools in Mitte, we explored our neighbourhood. We were interested in the historic as well as the present cityscape of the district of Wedding: streets, places, parks and houses. For this purpose, we will take our research to the city and to the archive of the Mitte Museum. We will investigate archive materials such as drawings of houses, streets in Wedding and landscapes in the Volkspark Rehberge park as well as historic photos and newspaper articles. After our research, we will engage in the art of modelling clay and create relief plates with Wedding views. Afterward, these objects are covered in slip, parts of the clay reliefs are highlighted by glaze, and the plates are prepared for baking in our clay kiln.
On the last day, the project group "Art meets history" will present its finished results in an exhibition in the Jugendkunstschule Mitte together with 8 other project groups.

Participants: students from different schools in Berlin Mitte
Timeframe: 10 July to 14 July 2017
Project manager: Oliver Goldacker, E-mail

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