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Museum education

Dear visitors, The Mitte Museum is open again. Please note the rules for corona protection of the Mitte Museum during your visit. Thank you!

Mitte Museum - out and about!   Where to? We will be coming to you. 

Learning with all your senses. We will retrieve forgotten knowledge from the past and embark on a journey through time with you. While keeping different age groups in mind, we use interactive methods in a creative way and stimulate our guests' imagination, fostering delight in experimentation and playfully anchoring the things the students learn.
In the past few years about 3,000 visitors have enjoyed our museum educational activities. In 2015 alone we hosted 83 guided tours and 48 workshops. We catered to a large number of children, but increasingly also a grown-up public. We met with a very favourable reception, and managed to gain "regular patrons" who returned to our museum. There are several school groups with which we have worked for a number of years, and are now familiar with the students and have a relationship of trust with the teachers. We do not intend to slow down this positive development, and want to stay present.
We are not moving out – we’re moving house ... to your place!

We will pack our museum's treasures into our handcart and come to your school or other establishment. Depending on our offerings, we will conjure up a wide range of objects from our treasure chest:

  • Fancy dresses
  • Music
  • Laptop with beamer
  • Spices for smelling, guessing and tasting
  • Historic games
  • Handicraft materials for the entire school form
  • Colourful vegetables, potatoes and herbs (Potato Day)


Workshop: Fotografische Inszenierung Workshop: Kartoffeltag

Contact: Museum education department:  
Michael Mohr, phone +49 30 4606019-12, e-mail:
Oliver Goldacker, phone +49 30 4606019-0, e-mail:

All offers are free of charge. We are looking forward to you booking one of our programmes!

       Our new event program for august to december 2020 is now available! <download>     


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