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Mitte Museum in der Pankstraße. Foto: Markus HawlikThe focus of the museum's work is on the research and presentation of the district's history. Acting as a "local memory" the museum collects, preserves, researches and presents relics of life in past times. Our attention is on deliberately confined close-up views in the search of historic traces on a local level which makes history comprehensible in a concrete and descriptive way. However, the museum does not see itself as a place for nostalgic wonderment. Rather, the aim is active occupation with historic developments as a prerequisite to present life. In effect, current events should prompt correlative thinking about the past, and aid in understanding present-day implications.
In addition to the classic medium of an exhibition, the Mitte Museum also offers other avenues for imparting knowledge and forms of communication in order to stimulate interest in "history on site": lectures, readings, "oral history" projects, and fact-finding tours.
An educational museum programme for student and youth groups presents the museum as a place of cultural learning. Other offers are intended for special target groups like senior citizens. Cross-cultural offers are meant for migrants who by now make up more than one third of the population of our district.
An important element of our work is cooperation with local history initiatives and associations, particularly the local history clubs of the current Berlin districts.
The Mitte Museum is a member of the Arbeitskreis Berliner Regionalmuseen (ABR - working group of Berlin regional museums) and participates in different commemorative initiatives, e.g. the history working group of the Committee for Education, Culture and Environment of the district council in Berlin Mitte.

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