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Welcome to the website of Mitte Museum.

Mitte Museum will be accessible to persons with a disability!

From 1 April 2016 on, Mitte Museum will be closed until 2019.
Major restructuring and modernising work will be performed on the listed museum building which was constructed from 1864 until 1866 and was the 32th community school, and now is among the oldest community school buildings in Berlin. <view more>


Wilhelm Streckfuß: Das Schulhaus am Gesundbrunnen. 1869. Stiftung Satdtmuseum BerlinThe Mitte Museum (Regional Museum of the district of Mitte in Berlin) sees itself as a forum of the history, both past and present, of the historic city centre of Berlin. The city’s roots are here, and even today there are a large number of traces from the past remaining, reminding us of the area's extensive history.
The museum is located in a school building from the 19th century in the district of Gesundbrunnen.
The permanent exhibition gives an overview of the history of the construction and use of the building, as well as everyday life one hundred years ago and gives an insight in the historic development of the area as a whole. Additionally, we present special and cabinet exhibitions on local and district history.

On the second floor of the building you will find the reference library and archive of regional history. Here visitors can browse the documents, photos, etc. they want to see from the wide range of our museum collections (by appointment). Events targeted at particular groups and museum-educational projects are other items we offer as part of our local history work.
The Mitte Museum has been in existence since the end of 2004. Following the merging of the former districts of Mitte, Tiergarten and Wedding, the Museum Mitte of Berlin, the Heimatmuseum Tiergarten (local museum of the district of Tiergarten) and the Heimatmuseum Wedding (local museum of the district of Wedding) were combined. The museum comes under the auspices of the History Department within the Office for Ongoing Education and Culture, which is run by the Mitte district administration.

Our new event program for august to december 2018 is now available!  <download>

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