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Who we are and what we do – in the middle of the museum

In this exhibition, selected rooms in Mitte Museum have been made accessible again after it was closed from spring 2016 to summer 2019 due to renovation and restoration.

Who we are and what we do – in the middle of the museum deals with the parts of the collection that were already in the rooms. Based on video interviews, it provides insights into the world of Mitte Museum’s work and creates connections between objects in the collection and the fields of work of the participating artists: Johanna Diehl, Seiichi Furuya, Cornelia Herfurtner, Wilhelm Klotzek, Stephan Kurr, Pia Linz, David Polzin, and Kathrin Sonntag. 

The encounter between the museum’s actual situation and contemporary art opens up new doors and facilitates new points of view. Our material culture is a master at telling about the multi-layered relationships things have with each other. At the same time, art and culture are subject to myriad influences and fashions when it comes to the use of colours, shapes, and patterns. The exhibition also tells that story.

Museum work is not self-explanatory. An exhibition as a presentation of exhibits seems to be something that visitors can simply take at face value. But it’s not that simple. Museum work also encompasses collection, research, preservation, and mediation. These fields of work interconnect and reclaim exhibition as a method. Questioning, researching, artistic, thoughtful, and with humour, the exhibition “Who we are and what we do – in the middle of the museum” explores the relationships between specific things and fields of work. 

The curators, Susanne Weiß and Theo Thiesmeier, had the freedom to create new neighbourhoods among the objects. We devoted each of the five rooms to one of a museum’s fields of work. The five rooms are located on the ground floor and first floor, but their spatial separation does not negate the reality that they function as a whole.

If you have a question for the museum or about the exhibition after your visit, we would be pleased to provide an answer. Please ask one of the live-speakers or use the form available at the reception desk. 

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Opening: on 8. August 2019 at 6pm
Exhibition dates: 9. August 2019 to 30. October 2020
Open:  Su to Fr: 10am to 6pm  

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