Ulanen des 2. Ulanen-Garderegiments auf dem Exerzierplatz der Kaserne in der Invalidenstraße in Berlin-Moabit, Fotografie: Otto Krüger, o.D. [um 1910], Ausschnitt © Mitte Museum

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"We are at war!" Military mail, Photos and memories from 1914 to 1918 from the Mitte Museum collection.

Skulptur „Laon 1915“, Sandstein, 24 x 16 x 24 cm, 1915, Foto: Ron Gerlach, © Mitte Museum In 2014, World War I is the predominant subject in the history museums of Europe. The Mitte Museum opens a special exhibition on Tuesday, 11 November 2014. It was on this day that the armistice of 11 November 1918 was concluded in Compiègne, France. The exhibition presents memorabilia, contemporary publications and personal written records related to World War I from the museum's own collection. They reflect the experience of people from Berlin who experienced the war in very different ways – either at home or on the front.
100 years later, the exhibition provides insight into the primal catastrophe of the 20th century and the turn of the era it brought about - the break-up of the seemingly "good old times" and the beginning of a new age.
The exhibition is based on two areas of action: the war at home - the "home front" - and the war on the front. One of the protagonists is 8-year-old Else Bugge from Berlin-Wedding. She was confronted with the outbreak of the war during her holidays in the countryside. The central object of the exhibition are childhood memories which she wrote down as a grown-up. However, the "front" line of action is represented by Albert Wisniewski, an infantryman from Berlin-Wedding, and Arthur Grünthal, a military musician from the barracks in Moabit. The events on the Eastern and Western fronts are depicted based on their biographies. Remembrances of others who served in the war as well as military mail postcards combine the two areas of action, deepening the impression they make.

Blick in die Ausstellung: Es ist Krieg! Foto: Ron Gerlach, © Mitte MuseumTours guided by the curator:
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Tue  21 April 2015   11 a.m.   with Dr. Hartmut Henicke
Thu   21 May 2015    6 p.m.    with Andreas Wiebel
Sun   21 June 2015    11 a.m.    with Claudia Wasow-Kania
Tue     7 July 2015   11 a.m.   with Dr. Hartmut Henicke
Thu   20 August 2015    6 p.m.    with Andreas Wiebel

11. November 2014, 5 p.m., Mitte Museum

Exhibition dates:

12. Nov 2014 to 13 Sep 2015

Claudia Berger, Dr. Hartmut Henicke, Claudia Wasow-Kania

Sponsored by the District Cultural Fund

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