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StandardisedFurnishedVaried: An East-West Berlin housing study in the 1970s

Two decades after the Fall of the Wall, the present cabinet exhibition showcases the differences and common features of building and living spaces in the East and West.
By the 1970s, in both parts of Germany and in parallel to the industrial construction of residential buildings, it had become common to furnish one's living quarters with wall units emulating the modular (building block) principle. Two furnished rooms from the 1970s are presented in contrast to each other in the exhibition, reflecting the two former German states. Their focus and centrepiece: the wall unit. From East German production: the much sought after CARAT wall unit which was made by VEB Möbelkombinat Berlin (a publicly owned operation in East Germany) from 1971 on. Opposite that is a unit from West German production which was to be found in many a living room in West Berlin from 1975 on.
Both sides of the exhibition display a large number of objects, the practical pieces of furniture telling of the everyday life of people amidst stereotypical apartment layouts and standardised furniture. Artistic photographic works, advertisements from the time, and furnishing proposals from magazines complete the presentation.

Exhibition opening: 28 September 2010 at 7 p.m.
Exhibition dates: 29 August 2010 to 3 July 2011

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