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Split, yet borderless
The city during and after the Wall

Martin Hoffmann – collages
Bernd Krüerke – paintings
Karl-Ludwig Lange – photos

17 June 2009 to 28 February 2010

20 years after the reunification of Germany, the exhibition in the Mitte Museum am Festungsgraben examines this historical event, and the situation before and after from different artistic viewpoints.

Workers with shopping bags

A collection by Martin Hoffmann (graphics)
A collection of collages showing scenes from everyday life in the GDR in the 1980s looks into the following questions: Was something there? There was something. What was it?
Photos from magazines, documents and from the last decade of the GDR open up visual access to life at that time with the Wall standing.
The collages give a new form to the concurrence and parallelism of disparate areas of life and establish unusual links. The order of the collages corresponds to the routine of a typical day in the GDR.

Crossing the border
Photos by Karl-Ludwig Lange (photographer)
The "Crossing the border" project is based on a self-contained concept. It is comprised of the beginning of the Wall as well as the first weeks after it came down until 16 March 1990, with a joint view of the East-West, where the crossing of the border was documented in photographs. The Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, S-Bahn station Friedrichstrasse, Bernauer Strasse and Bornholmer Strasse were the settings of triumphant opening and border crossing scenes.

People, things, houses
Streets and district sketches by Bernd Krüerke (painter)
After the stagnation of the period prior to German reunification - in East and West - we are out and about again. People, objects, houses - everything that can be a footnote bringing back the emotions of that time of the time, still goes by the somewhat helpless name of "post-Reunification" and which is mainly characterised by a high degree of instability, was captured in stenographic sketches.
Since 1990 Bernd Krüerke has been stepping right into the middle of real life scenes on streets and in quarters, watching attentively and recording short moments in his sketches.

As the exhibition area in the Palais am Festungsgraben was closed down, the exhibition ended on 6 December 2009.

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