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Sensing the street

A street in Berlin - Ackerstrasse

9 November 2007 to 10 February 2008 in the Mitte Museum am Festungsgraben
(prolonged to 24 Feb 2008)

Isolated, impersonal or inviting? Ackerstrasse is a world of its own which either touches us or leaves us cold.
The exhibition "Sensing the street" approaches the street by way of the human senses. How does the street feel? How does it smell? How does it sound? Discover Ackerstrasse; follow the trail of varied landscapes.
Colours, sound, smells - many sensations, moods and perceptions are triggered when one walks along a street. The sensory perception of urban spaces is the focus of this exhibition. It results from a joint research project of the Institute for European Ethnology at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Universität der Künste Berlin (College of Fine Arts of Berlin).
Three noteworthy urban streets - Ackerstrasse, Adalbertstrasse and Karl-Marx-Strasse - are exhibited in such a way so as to be experienced by multiple senses, i.e. visually, aurally, olfactorily and tactilely.
This includes not only images, live recordings, original sounds or the mere addition of impressions, but also artistic intensification which reflects the specific mood of the street and opens it up as its own landscape of flavours.

The project is one of the prize winners for innovative and artistic projects of the action programme "PUSH" for arts granted by the Stifterverbandes für die deutsche Wissenschaft (Organisation of Sponsors for German Science).

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