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The neighbours have disappeared - An exhibition of the Jewish Museum in Prague

"There are no answers - but always new questions"

This was the conclusion reached by students in the Czech Republic after they looked into the fate of the Jewish communities in their hometowns and of the persons which seemed to have vanished in the "fog of history". Disappeared - that is, expelled, abducted and destroyed.

In 1999 the Jewish Museum in Prague initiated a country-wide project appealing to youths to restore the identity to the numerous victims. The youths set out on their research work and presented remarkable results. Eleven works were selected by museum experts and combined into an exhibition which met with enormous interest in the Czech Republic. Subsequently, a second research phase developed, intended to remember the underage victims of the German genocide of the Bohemian-Moravian Jews. The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to these victims, of the same age as those who traced their fate. The purpose of the exhibition is to have youths all over Europe take up research in order to complete the project and to create an international collection.

Opening: 3 June, 5 p.m.
Exhibition dates: 6 June to 1 August 2010

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