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GREAT INDUSTRY shown small – mal ganz klein. From strongbox factory to sculptors' studio


Until 25 January 2016, the museum conference room holds a small exhibition with stories about the Arnheim'sche Tresorfabrik (Arnheim strongbox factory) located on the Panke river.
The young "exhibition organisers" are students from an arts course at the Diesterweg secondary school, who looked into the eventful history of the industrial monument on the occasion of the "Day of the open memorial 2015". Five dioramas (display cabinets) are shown. The students were inspired by the artists in the saw-tooth-roofed halls, as they worked in the light-flooded gallery area offering a view into the workshops. This scenario inspired them to work as artists themselves.
Zeyneb Yildirim, Hilal Temizel and Ahmed Körüklü describe the scenic presentation en miniature of their diaroama: "Cracking open history. The Twenties in Berlin. The Sass brothers during their bank robbery of the Disconto-Gesellschaft on Wittenbergplatz. Fleeing towards the city, the red thread of their story trailing behind into darkness. Escaped by a hairbreadth. The cat-and-mouse-game can begin..."

Exhibition dates: 1 October 2015 to 25 January 2016

The touring exhibition will be shown in the neighbouring Diesterweg secondary school, third floor, House "A" from 27 January 2016 on ("Open house presentation").
9th grade, arts course of the Diesterweg-Gymnasium, Böttgerstrasse 2, 13357 Berlin
Teacher: Ms. Mästling

Realisation workshop:
Michael Mohr (expert in museum didactics at Mitte Museum), Henriette Panik (cultural advisor and head of workshop), Stefanie von Schröter (artist), Julia Pomeranzewa (trainee), photographic documentation: Ron Gerlach, visionary of the dioramas: Oliver Goldacker, creator of the dioramas: Wolfgang Schulz
Supported by:
Jan Maruhn (head of the sculptors' workshop), André Bockholdt (head of the plaster casting and forming sections of the sculptors' workshop)
Denk mal an Berlin e.V.

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