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Generation One-point-five

The life and views of Turkish migrants of the Generation One-point-five

A video installation by Olcay Acet

In the past few years, migration and integration have become a hot topic and have top priority on the political agenda; in the meantime, it is not only politicians and scientists who take a stand in the media on this subject. Migrants themselves are being heard more and more - as the representatives of the "first", "second" and "third" generations. A group which completely falls out of consideration is the Generation One-point-five - the children left behind by working migrants.
This art project approaches the subject on the level of conversation in order to place the individual events in the centre and allow exhibition visitors a different view of the history of immigration. The debate is often focused on the success and/or failure of integration. The human with a "migration background" is not really noticed on an individually psychological level.
The video installation - designed as a touring exhibition - aims at several levels of awareness. It is a reconstruction of a neglected aspect of the history of immigration, as well as the exploration of one's own biography, as seen from the perspective of the Generation One-point-five (oral history); those left behind get heard and will thus become a choir in an exclusive place.
The exhibition is comprised of fifteen interviews, being shown on fifteen screens from all technical epochs since 1961. It is crucial that the protagonists from all over Germany be able to tell their stories and be heard.

Exhibition dates: 10 Nov 2011 to 01 Apr 2012

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