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Escalation of force - Bloody May 1929

Polizisten treiben demonstrierende Arbeiter die Kösliner Straße entlang. 1. Mai 1929, SAPMO Bundesarchiv Policemen drive back demonstrating workers along Kösliner Strasse. 1 May 1929, SAPMO Federal Archive
In May 1929, ten years after the revolution of 1918/1919, Berlin again witnessed bloody clashes between Social Democrats and Communists. They were triggered by the ban on street demonstrations, which the Berlin chief of police had imposed in December 1928.
The conflicts not only showed the division in the labour movement, they also promoted the rise of National Socialism. The communists mythologised the events as "Bloody May".
As part of the cabinet exhibition in the Mitte Museum, rarely shown objects and documents were gathered which reflect what transpired during and around the event. The exhibition reconstructs the escalation of force in May 1929 and shows who the players, profiteers and victims of the events were.

Exhibition dates: 9 June 2009 to 31 October 2010

---- Publication by Mitte Museum ---- Publication by Mitte Museum---- Publication by Mitte Museum ----

"Berlin Bloody May 1929. Escalation of force or staging of a media event?"
Published in 2009 by Mitte Museum, 64 pages with photos
5.00 € (available only in Mitte Museum - on-site or by order)

This publication tries to get to the bottom of the escalation of force in the 1929 May events, as it was called by the Mitte Museum, and raises questions primarily about the interests of the Stalinist-Communist side in the happenings as well as the motives to be gleaned from them. The modified evaluation of known facts in this light and the subsequent raising of relevant questions, even if it is not possible to substantiate all of them with historical sources, is seen as a step towards further questioning the "Bloody May" events and to add previously-unknown elements to the scientific discussion.

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