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... that Wedding ... is part of the city of Berlin ...

1861 - Moabit, Gesundbrunnen and Wedding are incorporated, becoming a part of Berlin

As of 1 January 1861, the Berlin metropolitan area was significantly enlarged as per a royal cabinet order. North of the Spree, the regions of Wedding, Gesundbrunnen and Moabit were incorporated, which had formerly been part of the district of Niederbarnim. South of the Spree, outside of what is today the district of Mitte, the Tempelhof and Schöneberg areas were separated from the district of Teltow and incorporated into Berlin. Thus the most major enlargement of the city area came into being. The territory of Berlin increased by almost 70 percent. The number of inhabitants rose by approx. 35,000 to 547,000. This administrative deed was the prerequisite for the change of Berlin from royal residence of the Prussian kings to European Metropolis.
The cabinet order was the conclusion of a decade-long discussion among the relevant authorities about the question of Berlin being extended. With the beginning of industrialization, the suburbs of Berlin also became more and more urbanized, leading to many administrative, fiscal and infra-structural problems. The interests of the government in Potsdam, the Berlin administrations, the rural districts and the suburbs were contrary in so many respects that a consensus was not possible until the very end. Ultimately, the responsibility went to the Prussian state bureaucracy, which prepared royal decisions over the course of a long time and in a painstaking manner.
A new cabinet exhibition by Mitte Museum, Regionalgeschichtliches Museum für Mitte, Tiergarten and Wedding (regional history museum for Mitte, Tiergarten and Wedding) in Pankstrasse 47 shows the historical decision processes, explaining the problems of the time and naming the persons responsible from the political point of view. The sources and photos used as well as the artefacts shown convey the atmosphere of the period and an impression of the issues of the time.

Opening: 19 Sept 2011 at 4 p.m.

Exhibition dates: from 19 Sept 2011 to 15 June 2012

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