Detail einer Original-Rosette, gerfertigt zwischen 1953 u. 1955 im VEB Meißen

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The architectural legacy of real socialism in Berlin and Warsaw

Blick in die Sonderausstellung The exhibition shows the architectural legacy of real socialism using the example of two large projects: Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin and the Marszalkowska quarter in Warsaw. The major buildings, architectural details, statues, street furnishings and the urban planning of that time are shown through a large number of historic and current photos.

Der Real socialism had a decisive influence on the appearance of the states in the former Eastern Bloc, and still today arouses powerful emotions. Karl-Marx-Allee and the Marszalkowska quarter became standard reconstruction projects in East Berlin and Warsaw after World War II, and are key examples of real socialism in this part of Europe.
(excerpt from a press release dated 17 August 2001)

Exhibition dates: from 15 May 2012 to 23 September 2012



Besonderer Dank gilt dem Café Sibylle und der Bildungseinrichtung für berufliche Umschulung  und Fortbildung als Leihgeber

Vorankündigung: Heimat ist was war. Collagen von Uta Richter / vom 22.7. 2012 bis 7.10.2012

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