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Catalogue of the permanent exhibition of Mitte Museum

"Highlights from the history of the city centre of Berlin"
The exhibition. The catalogue.

Issued by Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin (Berlin Mitte District Administration). Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur (Office for Ongoing Education and Culture). Mitte Museum.
160 pages with numerous colour illustrations.
8.00 € (available in Mitte Museum - on site or E-mail or Phone)

"Exhibition catalogues are something special and enjoy enormous popularity with the public. And renowned institutions like museums and galleries like to utilize this form of presentation to bring further attention to an important exhibition as well as maintain their own reputation. The fact that a city district museum issues a catalogue on its permanent exhibition is all the more noteworthy. The Mitte Museum, a former local city district museum which 2000 became the Regionalgeschichtliches Museum (Museum of Regional History) for the three former administrative districts of Berlin, took this chance. Without pretension, but with a very fine sense of conservative detail, the museum has produced a beautiful presentation of its archival objects and their interpretation. The result is an aesthetically appealing, highly sophisticated and very detailed, richly illustrated publication, which will impress its readers. With this illustrated textbook, Mitte Museum sets whole new standards."

(Dr. Hartmut Henicke, historian, 03 Feb 2012)

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