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The whole lot
Discussions on the collection

cancelled due to illness!

Paintings and documents from the bequest of the painter and author Paul Gurk (1880 - 1953)

Paul Gurk: Sonnenuntergang blutig, ziemlich windig +1°, 4 1/2 Uhr. 27.11.1938. Mitte MuseumWe invite you to discussions about the collection, in the midst of it.

Each event in our new "The whole lot" series is dedicated to a special topic. We present our latest acquisitions and otherwise unknown pieces including photos, paintings and other artefacts from the archive of the Mitte Museum. We will meet on Sunday afternoons in our collection rooms, at sporadic intervals throughout the year.

We are very pleased with your interest and role in bringing these objects to life to tell their story.

With Sigrid Schulze, head of the collection

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