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11th International Sound Art Festival Berlin 2014 - 17 September to 2 October

ingo reulecke, britta pudelko, thomas gerwin. foto:konstanze thuemmel>hearing::multi-sensorial <
Concerts + Interactive sound art exhibition + Symposium + Sound walks

Humans generally perceive in a holistic manner. Any sensual stimulation is composed of a conglomerate of different stimuli of all sensory organs in a varying amount and type, often even changing during the process of reception. Hearing, which is the main focus of the Berlin Sound Art Festival, must therefore be understood and described as a multisensory event, the focus of which is initially on the reception of sound waves. However, how these sound waves are perceived and subsequently interpreted strongly depends on the other stimuli accompanying the main stimulus multimodally. For its 10th anniversary, the Sound Art Festival addresses, plays on and artistically explores the interplay of (art-minded) hearing with other sensory organs and mutual influences. How does an aural impression change while I smell, taste, and feel at the same time? What happens if I deliberately cut out certain senses? How do seeing, feeling, and smelling influence the expectation or memory of an audial event and its 'significance'? What is the relationship between hearing and movement? In terms of perception, what can grown-ups learn from children, seeing from the blind? Does the reflection on perception change my relationship to the world?
The theme outlined here is what the 2014 festival "hearing::multi-sensorial" aims to explore in varied yet harmonious ways. This is primarily achieved by creating and presenting new art that appeals to a level of senses. The Festival accordingly features a large number of concert premieres as well as many premieres of experimental and installation-type, often interactive sound art works. Regular sound walks, a guided tour and a symposium round out the offerings to visitors. In a final reflection, questionnaires asking visitors about their personal experience and feedback on multi-sensorial art will be distributed and subsequently evaluated. Finances allowing, the results will be published along with scientific texts, photos of the Festival and an accompanying audio CD in a small commemorative publication/catalogue, making the contribution of the "hearing::multi-sensorial" project last far beyond the 2014 International Sound Art Festival Berlin.

Satoshi Morita SonicSuit low. copyright: The ArtistEdward Schocker & Glass low. copyright: The ArtistBeatrice Oettinger Immortellen low. copyright: The Artist

Programme: Hearing::Seeing::Smelling::Tasting::Touching

Wed, 17 Sep, 7 p.m. tasting::hearing (opening) >Mitte Museum
- Opening by district councillor Sabine Weissler and museum director Kerstin Sittner-Hinz
- Katia Guedes, "New work::multisensorial" premiere
- "Preiswerk (Awards work)" in the International call for works of electro-acoustic music
- Martin Daske "KulinAria (CulinAria)" (2010), for soprano solo and electronic playback
In Daske's performance, food is prepared on stage and then distributed to the visitors.
- Satoshi Morita mingles with the public with his "Sonic Suit"
with Katia Guedes (soprano), Satoshi Morita, Martin Daske

Thu, 18 Sep, 5:30 p.m. hearing::multisensorial (meeting point in front of the Mitte Museum)
Guided tour through the exhibition for the blind and visually impaired with Thomas Gerwin - approx. 90 minutes

Fri, 19 Sep smelling::hearing ("Soundscapes ad hoc special") > Bibliothek am Luisenbad
7 p.m. - Sound walk
8 p.m. - Georg Katzer "farb_laut D Preussisch Blau /Tagtraum Erinnerung (colour-sound D Prussian blue / daydream memory)" - Thomas Gerwin "NasOhrWeg (NoseEarWay)", premiere for 2 dancers, piano + live electronics
- "Circuit Bridge", electroacoustic miniatures
- Hans Ulrich Götte "New Work", premiere
with BIT (Britta Pudelko, Ingo Reulecke, TG.), Hans Ulrich Götte (piano)

Thu, 25 Sep, 8 p.m. seeing::hearing >Bibliothek am Luisenbad
7 p.m. - Sound walk
8 p.m. - Javier Garavaglia/Claudia Robles "WOODEN WORLDS" (2010)
- "Circuit Bridge", electroacoustic miniatures
- Ralf Hoyer "ort.rand. 1 - 3 (place.edge. 1 . 3)" (2002), electroacoustic miniature
- Edward Schocker/Suki O'Kane "New Work", premiere
Audio-visual live performance with Javier A. Garavaglia (viola, electronics), Claudia Robles (video), R. Hoyer, Edward Schocker, Suki O’Kane (performance, electronics)

Sun, 28 Sep, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. hearing::multisensorial >Bibliothek am Luisenbad + Mitte Museum

- Symposium with discussion, evaluation of the questionnaire on the exhibition (Bibliothek am Luisenbad)
- Darren Copeland "Under Falls And Creak" - Fish Chorus at St. Anne's Church (2012)
- "Circuit Bridge", electroacoustic miniatures
- Marion Fabian "re-(h)ear-sal" (2013)
- Guided tour through the herb garden with blindfold (Mitte Museum)
- "Anprobe (Fitting)" with the textile fragrance object by Beatrice Oettinger
- Air balloon action with sculpted landscape sound
with associate professor Dr. Christa Brüstle, Dr. Ulrike Liedtke, Dr. Konstanze Thümmel and the artists of the 11th International Sound Art Festival 2014

Thu, 2 Oct feeling::hearing >Mitte Museum + Bibliothek am Luisenbad
7 p.m. - Sound walk (Mitte Museum)
8 p.m. - Susanne Stelzenbach "REFLEX" (2014) BE (Bibliothek am Luisenbad)
- "Trios + Duos in front of/with exhibits on the premises and in the garden"
- Helmut Zapf, "New Work", premiere, multi-channel electroacoustic music
- "Circuit Bridge", electroacoustic miniatures
- Thomas Gerwin "Soundscape No. 7" (2014) BE
For 8 musicians distanced from each other with the "Kammerensemble ad hoc" (Ivo Berg, Thorsten Bloedhorn, Thomas Gerwin, Axel Haller, Klaus Janek, Dietrich Petzold, Claudia Risch, Susanne Stelzenbach)

Lutz Matschke,  from the series Berlin Day by Day, Patience is not endless lowKatia Guedes sings Kulinaria from Martin Daske low. copyright: The Artist

Exhibition: Hearing::Seeing::Smelling::Tasting::Touching (Sun - Wed 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Thu 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.) in the Mitte Museum

Ina Abuschenko "Grossvaters Koffer (Grandfather's Suitcase)", (Panke room). Seeing/Smelling - Object installation with smell
André Bartetzki "unterton 2" (garden) Hearing/Touching - Sound loungers for tactile reclining and listening
DEKRA-Hochschule "1:1 Minutenstücke (1:1 minute pieces)" (school room 1st floor) Seeing/Hearing - Documentation of the opening piece from last year
(Hanno Dall, Isabell Lonitz and Fiona Quint directed by Prof. Rolf Teigler and Prof. Thomas Thiele)
Adam Geczy "EssenEssen (EatingFood)" (chronicle room) 1, monitor Seeing/Hearing/Tasting - (Sydney) video sound installation
Thomas Gerwin "Fühlklavier (Feeling Piano)" (migration room), Hearing/Seeing/Touching - Interactive feeling and sound instrument
Thomas Gerwin "NasOhr (NoseEar)" (pavilion), scent-sound installation Hearing/Smelling
Silja Korn "Begegnung mit Klängen (Encounter with sounds)" (Panke room), Touching/Hearing - (blind artist), visitors will be blindfolded
Lutz Matschke Photo series on tasting (conference room), Seeing/Tasting - (Buenos Aires/Berlin)
Mitte Museum "Kräutergarten (Herb Garden)" (garden) Koop ABSV Seeing/Smelling/Touching
Satoshi Morita "Sonic Suit" (conference room) Hearing/Touching - (Tokio/Würzburg) Portable body sound-listening object
Beatrice Oettinger "Duft-Hüllen-Objekt (Scent Cover Object)" AT (Ute Gerlach room) Hearing/Seeing/Smelling/Touching - Scented unisex cloak in sound landscape
Nicolas Wiese Audiovisual blog (Internet) Seeing/Hearing

An event held by inter art project in cooperation with the Institut für multisensoriale Kunst IfmK (Institute for Multisensory Art IfmK), the Bezirksamt (District Administration) Mitte von Berlin, the Mitte Museum - Regionalgeschichtliches Museum (Museum for Regional History) für Mitte Wedding Tiergarten in Berlin, the Bibliothek am Luisenbad (Library am Luisenbad), Kulturradio vom RBB (Cultural programme of Berlin-Brandenburg Radio), the Allgemeiner Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein ABSV e.V. (General Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired), the Electronic Music Foundation New York, (manager: Robert Voisey), NAISA Sound Travel Toronto and the Thingamajigs Festival San Francisco and the DEKRA-Hochschule für Medien (DEKRA University for Media) Berlin.
Supported by the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin (New Music Initiative Berlin) and the Bezirkskulturfonds Mitte (District Cultural Fund Mitte).
Media partners: Kulturradio by RBB (Cultural programme of Berlin-Brandenburg Radio)


Artistic direction and sound design: Thomas Gerwin -

Free of charge. Registration: -

Places: (both subway station Pankstrasse, M27)
Mitte Museum, Pankstrasse 47, 13357 Berlin
Bibliothek am Luisenbad, Travemünder Strasse 2, 13357 Berlin
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