Karl-Ludwig Lange
Oberschöneweide, 1992
24 x 30 cm
© Karl-Ludwig Lange

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Reading: On the move, on Berlin’s public transport

Author Annett Gröschner reads from her works

Sunday, 17 May 2015, 3.30 p.m.

Just like photographer Karl-Ludwig Lange, Berlin writer Annett Gröschner goes to the edges of our city - for example, by tram. Like Lange, she trusts her own eyes. And ears. And the traces left by history in the cityscape, which she pursues.

During International Museum Day, Gröschner's texts from the tram are combined with Lange's atmospheric poetry and documentary works in a reading at the exhibition "Köpenick 1990 - 2003" in the Mitte Museum.

Many of Gröschner's novels and non-fiction books are set in Berlin. But not all. There are trams in other cities as well: "Like the choice of the unglamorous tram No. 4, the entire wonderful book is unpretentious, at all times exact, never dolled up for literary or artistic effect. You read on and on, and then you feel a jerk. Terminus! What a pity!" stated the press in 2012 regarding her book "Around the World with Tram No. 4".

Annett Gröschner, Foto: privat

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