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The fashion department stores N. Israel and Herrmann Gerson
Two important figures in the Berlin clothing industry and their families

Sammlung KessemeierLecture by Dr. Gesa Kessemeier

Thursday, 25 Feb 2016 at 6 p.m.

The fashion department stores N. Israel and Herrmann Gerson are among the most notable fixtures of the Berlin clothing industry. They developed from small businesses in the 19th century and shaped the notion of Berlin as a fashionable city with their large palace-like department stores - Gerson from 1849 on, Israel since the turn of the century. Equally intriguing as the insight into the "fashion palaces" is that of the private life of the owner families Israel, Gerson and Freudenberg. As is common in the textile and fashion industry, the families were closely connected by friendship and neighbourhood bonds.

Accompanying programme:

DESSA: The Nathan Israel department store 1815 - 1939. An artist explores history

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