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How the Evangelischer Kunstdienst (Protestant Art Service) did business with “degenerate art”

Lecture in the Mitte Museum - on 23 May on 6 p.m.

Free of charge!

Emil Nolde "Kreuzigung" 1912 © Nolde Stiftung SeebüllThis was the title of an accompanying programme to the "Good business - Art trade in Berlin 1933 - 1945" exhibition the Mitte Museum offers.

Among other issues, this lecture - in addition to others - researches the question of how the trustful cooperation between Nazi leaders Goebbels and Göring on the one hand and the Evangelischer Kunstdienst (Protestant Art Service) on the other came about and how the sales in the Niederschönhausen Palace were carried out. In this context, the lecture will also address in detail the artists Emil Nolde and Ernst Barlach, and Barlach’s friend, the art dealer Bernhard A. Boehmer.

Speaker: Horsta Krum, theologian and historian

In addition to her research on the Huguenots, the main focus of her work is German Protestantism in the years 1933 to 1945, and French Protestantism during the German occupation from 1940 to 1944.
Preussens Adoptivkinder (Die Hugenotten – 300 Jahre Edikt von Potsdam) (Prussia's adopted children (The Huguenots - 300 years of the Edict of Potsdam))
Frankreich am Kreuz (Protestanten Frankreichs unter deutscher Okkupation) (France crucified (French Protestants under German occupation))
Les Huguenots à Berlin-Brandebourg (Huguenots in Berlin-Brandenburg)
She held lectures on German and French Protestantism, among others, for the Historic Committee of Lyon; these lectures are archived in the "Centre de la déportation et de la Résistance (Centre for Deportation in the French Resistance)" in Lyon.

Further information on Emil Nolde:

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