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31st Long Night of the Museums - on 25 August 2012

Programme in the Mitte Museum

6.30 p.m. - Reception in the garden with background music by music school Fanny Hensel Musikschule Berlin Mitte

On the occasion of a reception in the new Intercultural Garden of the Mitte Museum with the renovated Gesundbrunnen pavilion, there will be music by:

the saxophone quartet "TiGa-ChaLo"
directed by Petra Sauerwald
an ensemble with genuine Turkish instruments and vocals
directed by Siddik Dogan

... for our guests of the Long Night there will be culinary offerings in the new garden

7.30 p.m. - Zille and old Berlin

Albrecht Hoffmann and Benno Radke present Zille's Milieu

Zille likes to come performing with his friend Blütenbenno. Together they present a varied programme about the Berlin of old. A mixture of stories, typical Berlin humour, anecdotes and old jokes...

8.30 p.m. - "Aus heiterem Himmel (Out of the blue)“

Lina Lärche, cabaret artist, and pianist Eric Heiden

With a snap of her fingers, Lina Lärche conjures up an entertaining song revue for her audience, whisking it away into 1920s Berlin with her very special humour. The audience will hear popular cabaret chansons by composers like Hollaender, Tucholsky, Spoliansky and Schiffer. Lärche's performances are always a feast for the eye, as she proves with her original costumes as well as a lively Charleston dance number reminiscent of the "Golden Twenties".

10:30 p.m. - "Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Berlin eingestellt... (Falling in love with Berlin again)"

Gerlinde Kempendorff, singer, cabaret artist, actress

and the Australian pianist Kim Eustice present:

"755 years of Berlin! She has been living here for 38 years and each of her own productions are influenced by this great city!"
Gerlinde Kempendorff has been singing cabaret chansons for more than 30 years, always paying particular attention to the female singers of this genre in the past 100 years. It’s no surprise that the focus of her repertoire is on songs by Dietrich, Leander, Waldoff, Hesterberg and May. The only exception is Georg Kreisler who went back and forth between Berlin and Vienna. His morbid sense of humour regarding all things in life is shared by her. But she is also carried away by West and East German pop, folk and battle songs, if they provide fodder for Berlin humour. A colourful mix of great cabaret, filled with numerous short stories from the East and West German stage life of a chanson singer.

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