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International Sound Art Festival 2013 "inside-(outside)"

Concerts - Exhibition - Symposium - Sound walks - 22 Oct to 10 Nov 2013

All venues involved in the 9th International Sound Art Festival Berlin represent very special constellations of "inside - outside” in different ways. This is the focus of the 2013 festival, entwined on the conceptual level and again carved out in the artistic work related to the location and situation-specific environment. This also encompasses the testing and ongoing conceptual development of experimental concert forms with a large number of premieres.
The continuously updated impressions by video artist Carlos Bustamante and the visual arts by Pierre Paul Maillé, together with live audio recordings of the concerts, constitute the exhibition in the Mitte Museum accompanying the event. The conference room of our museum is, so to speak, the centre where the information from outside, after being artistically treated, flows together. Simultaneously, the essence of the events is "broadcast to the world" via the Internet, where media artist Nicolas Wiese runs a blog covering the event from the artistic point of view. This creates an open narrative about the International Sound Art Festival. The opening music "1:1-Minutenstücke (1:1 minute pieces)" is documented on film by a team led by Rolf Teigler. All events are accompanied by sound walks which allow the environment of each of the performance locations to be experienced by one's senses and ears. At the end of the event, a symposium reflects on and analyses the different artistic ways of approaching the topic of "inside-(outside)". A special attribute of the International Sound Art Festival is not only the intense consideration of each respective situation, but also the selection of the locations themselves. For the most part, they are in areas of the city where advanced art and experimental music performances are a rarity.

(Thomas Gerwin, artistic direction and sound design)

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  • Mitte Museum - Pankstrasse 47, 13357 Berlin, underground station Pankstrasse
  • Berliner Unterwelten e.V. - Brunnenstrasse 143, 10115 Berlin, underground station Bernauerstrasse
  • Monastery ruin, Klosterstrasse 73a, 10179 Berlin, underground station Klosterstrasse
  • Small bus (publicly visible and moving interior) starting from the Mitte Museum


  • Damir Bacikin (trumpet)
  • Anna B. & Kompanie (dance), direction: Anna Barth
  • Ivo Berg + Marijke Meerwijk (vocals and recorder)
  • BIT (dance/performance/music with Britta Pudelko, Ingo Reulecke, TG.)
  • Carlos Bustamante (video installation)
  • Thomas Gerwin (composition, sound design)
  • Hans Ulrich Götte (percussion)
  • Katharina Hanstedt (harp)
  • "Chamber music ensemble ad hoc" Thorsten Bloedhorn (electronic guitar), TG. (electronics, prep. banjo, direction.), Axel
  • Haller (e-bass), Klaus Janek (electronics, bass), Dietrich Petzold (vl, vla), Claudia Risch (fl, sx, bass-clar), Susanne
  • Stelzenbach (electr, piano)
  • Robin Hayward (tuba, composition)
  • Hartmut Sörgel (visual artist)
  • Pierre Paul Maillé (visual artist)
  • Nicolas Wiese (sound and video artist, Internet blog)

Concert programme:

Thu, 22 Oct 2013, Mitte Museum
7 p.m. Sound walk, beginning in front of the building
7:30 p.m. Opening by District Councillor Sabine Weissler and Museum Director Kerstin Sittner-Hinz

8 p.m. "insideout" with video installation by Carlos Bustamante and works (photos, painting, sculpture) by Pierre Paul Maillé in the conference room

- "1:1 minute pieces", premiere, by Thomas Gerwin with Katharina Hanstedt (harp) in the garden house
- "Per for Mans", premiere, with Robin Hayward (tuba) in the museum garden
- "Out_In_Out" (AT), premiere, including objects and spaces in the garden and conference room

Sun, 27 Oct, monastery ruins
2 p.m. Dance concert, fenced-off area in the monastery ruins
- "Introduction" with Damir Bacikin (trumpet)
- "Site Specific Music I+II", premiere, with the ‘Kammerensemble ad hoc’
- "Anna B. & Kompanie", premiere (dance performance), together with the ‘Kammerensemble ad hoc’

Sun, 3 Nov 2013, Mitte Museum
7 p.m. Bus concerts, start at the parking lot in front of the building
- "Alte + Neue Musik (Old and New Music)" with Ivo Berg + Marijke Meerwijk (recorder/vocals) on the moving bus
- "Site Specific Music III", premiere, with the 'Kammerensemble ad hoc' in the museum garden

Fri, 8 Nov 2013, Brunnenstrasse 143, Berliner Unterwelten
7 p.m. Sound walk, beginning in front of the building
8 p.m. "Platz nehmen – raw version (Take a Seat - raw version)", premiere with the ensemble 'BIT' + Video-Projektion unten Tonne 2
- "Site Specific Music IV", premiere, with the 'Kammerensemble ad hoc' + electronics

Sun, 10 Nov 2013, Mitte Museum
11 a.m. Sound walk, beginning in front of the building
- "Symposium", Prof. Dr. Christa Brüstle and the artists, conference room
- "Site Specific Music V", premiere, with the 'Kammerensemble ad hoc', in different locations of the building
- "Verdichtung (Concentrated Poetry)" with Hartmut Sörgel in the conference room

Exhibition: Mitte Museum in the conference room
- "insideout", video installation by Carlos Bustamante and works by Pierre Paul Maillé
- "1zu1 Nachklang (1on1 lingering sound)", film by Hanno Dall, Fiona Quint, Isabelle Lonitz, Prof. Rolf Teigler and Prof. Thomas Thiele on the opening piece "1:1 Minutenstücke (1:1 minute pieces)"

The exhibition is open at the time of the events, on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and from Sunday to Wednesday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
With works by Anonymus, Damir Bacikin (Vojvodina), Anna Barth, Carlos Bustamante (Mexico), Joel Chadabe (USA), Kyong Mee Choi (South Korea), Darren Copeland (Canada), Martin Daske, Javier Garavaglia (UK), Thomas Gerwin, Ulli Götte, Robin Hayward (UK), Klaus Janek, Pierre Paul Maillé (Canada), Guillaume de Machaut, Dietrich Petzold, Susanne Stelzenbach, Nicolas Wiese, Helmut Zapf

An event by inter art project in cooperation with the Mitte Museum - Regionalgeschichtliches Museum für Mitte Tiergarten Wedding in Berlin (Museum for Regional History for Mitte, Tiergarten, Wedding in Berlin), Förderverein Klosterruine e.V. (Friends' Association of the Monastery Ruins), Berliner Unterwelten e.V., quiet cue Media Art Gallery, Electronic Music Foundation New York, the Dekra-Filmhochschule (DEKRA University for Media) Berlin und dem Institut für multisensoriale Kunst IfmK (Institute for Multisensory Art IfmK).
Artistic direction and sound design: Thomas Gerwin, phone +49 30-39741734,
The 2013 International Sound Art Festival is sponsored by the 'initiative neue musik' (New Music Initiative) Berlin (inm) and the Bezirkskulturfonds des Bezirks Mitte von Berlin (BKF - District Cultural Fund Mitte in Berlin).

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