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Mitte Museum

Museum for the History of the Berlin Districts of Mitte, Tiergarten, Wedding

District Administration Mitte in Berlin │ Office for Ongoing Education and Culture │ Department of Art, Culture and History

Pankstraße 47, D-13357 Berlin
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 Dear audience, the Mitte Museum will be closed to the public from March 14th to April 19th, 2020. This decision is based on the current guidelines and recommendations of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the district center for dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19)


Opening hours:

Opening hours of the exhibition in the Pankstraße 47 from: Sun-Fri from 10am to 6pm 

Opening hours of the exhibition in the Rathaus Tiergarten from: Mo-Fri from 10am to 5pm 

The Mitte Museum opens its new permanent exhibition in 2021. There are currently special exhibitions.

Archive and library:

Wed and Thu, 10-16 clock
The use of the stocks can only be made after timely appointment.
For general questions about history and for literature searches, please also contact the Zentrum für Berlinstudien (Center for Berlin Studies -, use the Berlin Portal ( or visit the Citybibliothek Berlin (

Guided tours and events 

Events, museum educational offers and curatorial tours through the special exhibitions of the Mitte Museum can be found in the calendar of events.


The Mitte Museum is largely barrier-free.
Visitor service: Phone: +49 30 4606019-0

How to find us:

Underground station Pankstrasse U8 │ Bus M 27

Your opinion is important to us!

Do you have any suggestions for the Mitte Museum? Or you want your criticism to be heard? Or maybe you have a reason to complain? In any case, please let us know. We want to know what we can do better. Send us an e-mail - directly to your contact, Bernd Mannhardt.
We take care!
Mailing address:  Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin, BiKu 5 140, Mathilde-Jacob-Platz 1, 10551 Berlin.


The employees:

Museum director:
Kerstin Sittner-Hinz, phone: +49 30 4606019-22  E-Mail

Collection │ Museum director : Sigrid Schulze, phone +49 30 4606019-24  E-Mail

Communication management │ Public relations: Bernd Mannhardt, phone +49 30 4606019-28  E-Mail
Library: Liane Wilhelm, phone +49 30 4606019-23  E-Mail

Museum education │ Technik: Michael Mohr, Tel. +49 30 4606019-12  E-Mail

Scientific traineeship: N.N.


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