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The collection of the Mitte Museum contains objects that provide insight into the history and present of the district of Mitte and everyday culture in the city. These objects come from persons who have lived or worked here and from companies that had or still have their company seat here. Additionally, there are also objects from the history of the communal and military administrations (district administrations, NVA (GDR National People's Army), and the Allied Powers).
The art collection comprises graphic works (approx. 800 sheets), paintings (approx. 500 pieces), works of plastic arts and small sculptures (approx. 30 works) as well as works of decorative arts. Many items come from artists who spent their lives in the district.
Many of the works were originally acquired for the initial setup of municipal art collections (Tiergarten, Wedding). Another group of collections was formed as part of the arts promotion programme of the Culture Department of the Berlin Magistrate (GDR).

Opening hours: Mo to Fr, 10-18 clock
The use of the stocks can only be made in Regular opening hours and after timely appointment.

Collection categories:

Schulwandkarten aus der Sammlung des Mitte Museum, Foto: Ron Gerlach- Files and dossiers
- Picture postcards
- Documents
- Photos
- Maps and plans
- Ceramics, Porcelain, Glass
- Art
- Furniture
- Bequests
- Posters
- Signposts, Street furniture, Architectural sculptures
- School wall maps
- Special collections
- Toys
- Textiles

Rules regarding the use of our archives
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